Our Process

The spark of an idea never happens the same way twice whether we’re creating a logo, brochure or annual report. Sometimes we’re guided by intuition. Other times, there’s some sweat involved. But always, our “breakthrough” comes on the heels of a tried-and-true process that makes our solutions not only creative, but smart.

our process
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Learning and Analysis

We start by learning everything we can about your product or service, including analyzing its unique attributes, the competitive landscape and your target audience. We identify the problems, define the objectives, understand your budget and evaluate the challenges and opportunities it creates.

Strategy and Mapping

Based on the findings of our Learning and Analysis phase, we develop a messaging platform that becomes an integral part of your communications plan and the foundation of all creative work going forward. We then map out a strategy that best communicates your message, fits your budget and, most importantly, achieves your creative objectives.

Innovation and Design

This is where true creative shines. We get the creative juices flowing, brainstorming ideas and weeding out the mediocre, until we land on several concepts. We evaluate each against practical, technical and budget constraints and fine-tune our strongest ideas into a presentation for you.

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Development and Production

Based on your feedback, we develop your favorite concept into its finished form. We finalize design, write full copy, complete photography, illustration and any additional creative requirements your project demands. We present comprehensive mock-ups and proofs for your review.

Specification and Implementation

Finally we prepare, specify and manufacture the finished piece. We hand-hold your project every step of the way to make sure the full scope of your communications meets and exceeds all expectations.

Follow Up and Evaluation

When all is said and done, we keep thinking. How can we leverage what we’ve done for you? How can you support the effort in-house? What can we improve? How can we work even harder for you?

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